The Dog Ate my Homework, and the Pelican ate the Last Page of my Book…


The first thing I’ve learned from the Morris House Reading Series this year: leave enough space in your schedule to finish the book before the author arrives. I’ll admit I was pretty pleased with myself for making it through all but the last of Katrina Best’s short stories from her collection Bird Eat Bird (Insomniac Press 2010). That is, until I arrived at the bookstore and learned that the last page was missing from the edition I had bought—it somehow missed getting printed—and I hadn’t noticed. Despite this shocking discovery upon her arrival at the Bishop’s Bookstore, Katrina still delivered a fantastic reading. “We’ll put a positive spin on it,” Katrina told everyone at the beginning of the reading, when she admitted the edition the book store was selling was incomplete. “It can become a creative writing assignment; everyone can write their own ending.”
This subtle wit kept the crowd at the reading aptly listening as Katrina read “Lunch Hour,” the first story in the collection, and then a passage from “Red,” the second. I admired her ability to make us grimace and laugh at the same time: trying to mentally picture a pelican eating a pigeon is both fowl (pun intended) and humorous. When asked about her characters, Katrina reflected that “there is a fine line between sanity and insanity, and we’re all walking it.” For me, it is this attention to detail—both of the characters and their experiences—that made her stories so enjoyable to read and hear.
Clearly the first instalment of the Morris House Reading Series was a huge success; Katrina’s easy-going attitude allowed people to feel comfortable approaching her during the reception and line up to get their books signed (and then line up again to get a photocopy of the missing page). “Not many books will become best sellers,” Katrina Best advised us before she left. “But when they do, they can sure help you pay off your student loans.”


-Zoe Costanzo

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