Last night I was working with Alexis on our MC routine for the St. Paddy’s authors reading (apparently people are referring to it as the “green beer” event). Now, one thing you guys need to know about Alexis is that this week has turned him into an email addict. He’s been getting emails all week long, almost non-stop. So part way through working on our MC material, he stops and says that he needs to check his email. Like a junkie that needed a fix of delicious email goodness.

So he checks his email, and there, in his inbox, is a message from our supervising professor titled: EMERGENCY –PLEASE READ.

As an intern the night before the launch of the event you’ve been planning all year, your heart stops a little bit when you see something like that.

So this is what we found out: Jeramy Dodds can’t come. There’s an emergency, and it’s out of his control and he’s very sorry. The doctors have told him he can’t fly out, and health is more important than a workshop, no matter how much we were looking forward to it. So let’s all send him some good vibes and hope that he gets better.

Radio Interviews and How to Find Them


I tried to get my radio interviews up for you guys, but WordPress won’t let me do it unless we upgrade to a premium account and we’re not ready to go to that level just yet. So I’m sorry. BUT, if you missed them, you’re not out of luck: CJMQ has the interviews posted in their interview archive page, so you can check them out at http://www.cjmq.fm/?page=interviews. Trust me, it’s Donna Morrissey and Alison Garwood-Jones. They are awesome.