We approved the schedule for SWEET a couple of days ago, and it is going to be sweet! (haha, see what I did there). Basically, it’s going to be jam-packed. I’m actually kind of heart-broken, because my workshop (I’m going to Donna Morrissey’s “Write Here, Write Now”) is on at the same time as “The Blogger’s Survival Guide.”

This would count as a first world problem, I’ll admit that, but I’m still heart-broken.

Have you guys seen the schedule yet? Sometimes it’s hard remembering that other people might not know as much about SWEET (we’ve been working on this since September, and we’ve been talking about it since last year).  I’ll get the schedule up for you guys, just in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Also, we’ve been having a pretty tough time deciding on our venue for our concluding hang out. This would be a neat little reading where students who’ve gone through the workshops can showcase a bit of the stuff they’ve been working on over the last few days.

Our venue needs to fit these requirements:

Needs to be cozy, but not so cozy that it’s squishy.

Needs to have food (cause snacks are always nice).

Needs to have booze (cause liquid courage is especially useful in these situations).

Needs to have decent equipment so people can hear the readings.

Needs to be quiet enough for us to hear the readings, but not so quiet that it’s ominous.

I think that’s it.

So we’re been tossing up locations, like:

The Lion has booze and snacks, but is a bit too loud.

Café Lennox is cozy and has booze and snacks, but it’s too small.

Paterson Assembly Hall is not cozy and would look strange.