Interviews, Radio Stations, and Pokémon Battles


It’s midterm season everyone! (not that I need to remind y’all, I’m pretty sure you could figure that one for yourselves)

Not only is it midterm time, but SWEET is in little more than two weeks. Thank god we’re on break right now. Reading week, so inappropriately named: I’ll be writing the whole time.


My laptop also picked this exact time to turn off, never to turn back on again.

But all that aside, today was absolutely wonderful. “How,” you might ask, “could you possibly be having a good day, nay, a wonderful day during this foul, foul time?” (I also decided that you’re all British for the day, you can thank me later). Well, I’m having a wonderful, fantastic, amazing day because… Here, I’ll just recap it for ya.

So last night I sent out two emails: one to Donna Morrissey and one to Alison Garwood-Jones. I wanted to see if maybe I could interview them (I seem to always be interviewing people these days). I figured they’d get back to me in a day or so, and schedule an interview sometime later this week next week. Then I woke up this morning to two replys, saying that they would love to and that I could call them later today. I’m going to describe this next bit as a Pokémon battle, cause that’s kind of what it felt like.

Isabelle encounters two wild interviews.

Interviews use “call me.”

Isabelle has no phone that can make long distance calls.

Isabelle has no laptop.

Isabelle is confused.

Interviews use busy schedules.

Interviews must happen today.

Isabelle uses CJMQ.

CJMQ is super effective.

For those of you who don’t know, CJMQ is the local English-language community radio station for the Eastern Townships. But if you want to think that it’s some kind of awesome kung fu move, that’s cool too. I’m pretty okay with you guys thinking I know kung fu.

So my buddies down at CJMQ (huge shout out to you guys! You are amazing!) set me up with all the phone and recording equipment I needed. The interviews were nothing short of amazing; Donna Morrissey and Alison Garwood-Jones are both so eloquent, so lovely, and so friendly.

I’m just waiting for an email back confirming the time they’re going to air. So tune in to CJMQ folks!