Who is Pascal Girard?


Who is Pascal Girard? I’ll give you 2 hints: 

Hint #1: I interviewed him. 

Hint #2: He’s coming to Bishop’s for SWEET.

Read on to hear a little more of his story.

I was hoping you could tell us a bit of your story and how you came to be a graphic novelist.

I would say that I’m a cartoonist more than graphic novelist. I only did one long story. All my other work is short.

I’m always been interest in comic books. I studied cinema in university, but I didn’t like the team work aspect of it (I prefer to work alone). After I got my degree, I began to draw comics. I showed  them to Jimmy Beaulieu, another cartoonist who was a publisher too at the time, he liked them and told me to do more so he could publish a book. That’s what I did, and since then I do books.

You mentioned that you’ve always loved comic books. Which comics did you read? Which ones inspired you the most?

I read a lot of Archie comics. Mostly that. And Peanuts, Garfield, Astérix, that kind of thing. I think Peanuts inspired me the most. Especially the character of Charlie Brown. My book, “Bigfoot,” is kind of an Archie story.

Now that I think of it, I was reminded of Peanuts comics when I saw your graphic novel (I was only able to see a few sample pages, so if I’m completely off on this, please let me know). Let’s talk a little bit about your graphic novels; for people out there who don’t know it, can you tell us what it’s about and why you chose to write it?

I see “Bigfoot” as kind of like an Archie story. The main character is also a bit of a teenage version of Charlie Brown. Bad things happen to him but he doesn’t let it get him down (too much). It’s a book mostly about a teenager and new technologies. It’s the story of a teenager who is a “celebrity” on YouTube because of a video of himself that someone put on the website without asking him.

Reunion is just a comedy about my high school reunion that happened 2 or 3 years ago. I was mostly inspired by “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and Larry David. It’s a book where awkward situations happen one after another after another.

If I understand correctly, Reunion is very much based on your life.

Not really. I would say it’s half-half. Half true, half fiction. Mostly it’s like all my books. I’m inspired by real life events, but I build a story with them. For reunion, I just used myself as a character, but the character is not me. Kind of like a comedian.

 You also mentioned that it’s inspired by “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. Do you mix fiction with nonfiction then?

Yes. Mostly. But most of the writers I know do that. (I think.)

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