What’s Next?


So our second reading of the year is now done. “What’s next?” you might ask (I know you’re asking it, don’t lie). I’ll tell you what’s next.

Okay, so some of you might remember rumours last year about a creative writing weekend here at Bishop’s. Authors coming and giving Bishop’s students advice about their writing and how to make it in the industry.

Weeeeell, those rumours are true. (you might have already gathered this from the posters on campus, BUT if you hadn’t, I’m glad I was the one to announce it).

This writing weekend is called SWEET (the Student Writing Weekend in the Eastern Townships). I think it’s an appropriate name because this weekend is like candy. Glorious, delicious, literary candy.

The Morris House Reading Series is partnering up  on this one, so Anne Michaels is going to kick off the weekend with her reading. Then, we’re also going to be bringing in John Moss, Jeramy Dodds, and Jeffrey Moore for you guys. And that’s just the Morris House portion. We also have professional bloggers (you know I’m going to see that one), graphic novelists, mystery authors, poets, and critics coming in. It’s going to be a kick-ass weekend.

This is how I imagine Morris House and Sweet.

So from now on, I’m going to be writing about Morris House, but I’m also going to be writing about SWEET. Stay tuned, I have more interviews coming your way!

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