My Life Is Awesome


Okay, so one really cool thing about being an intern is that you get to get experience in your field and grow as a person… We also get dinner!

As a student, nice meals are kind of a big deal. Nice meals with one of my favourite profs, one of my great friends Alexis, our SWEET intern, and Kateri freakin Akiwenzie-Damm.

Yeah, dinner was pretty sweet.

We usually go to Shalimar, cause Shalimar is delicious.

And then we have massively intellectually conversations about deeply complex social issues of the utmost importance (translation: we crack jokes and talk about 9Gag).

Fun fact: both Dr. Morra and Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm did not know about 9Gag. My “like a sir” reference was completely lost on them (although Kateri was saying “like a sir” by the end of the night).

We also talked about, geez, I’m trying to remember. You know those conversations you have about the world and what we think might happen in the next few years since oil is running out and we’re over-populated and Europe andAmericaare so overwhelmed with debt? And you talk about the food industry and preservatives, and about how crazy everything is and it’s not totally demoralizing cause you’re all trying to anticipate what’s going to happen next. Like, are we going to collapse? Pull out in time (sexy joke!)? Or become a magical utopia? Those conversations about all kinds of things that just kind of meld into each other in between mouthfuls of deliciously spicy food.

That’s what dinner was like.

If I could bring you all there and share that moment with you, I would. Some authors are prima donnas, but I’ve been fortunate enough to have hit some great ones. Kateri and Tess Fragoulis (back in October) have been a pleasure.

2 thoughts on “My Life Is Awesome

  1. My life is awesome too. Thanks for sharing an evening of it with me – the reading, the dinner and the wide-ranging, thoughtful conversation were uplifting, inspiring, and fun. It truly was a pleasure. Thanks to you, Linda, and Alexis (the SWEET intern) for being such great hosts, “like a sir.”

  2. Linda Morra

    9gag is now on my “favourites” list. Okay, maybe it isn’t, but at least I checked out the page. Was laughing for the cat photos and the Valentine’s day graphs. Great work.

    And Kateri – it was our pleasure, thoroughly so (and I beamed to think that my team and I were great hosts, “like a sir”). Bishop’s students — thanks for coming out to play! Hope to see you at SWEET!

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